Three Types of Commercial Insurance Your Business May Need

There is a wide range of types of commercial insurance that may be necessary for a business. Each type protects businesses differently. Some types are required for businesses to have, and others are optional based on what type of business you have. Having each type you need to protect your specific business is important. Call us at Wai Cheng Insurance Inc. in the Bay Area of California when you need commercial insurance.

Cyber Insurance 

This is an important type of insurance to have if you keep customer data. When there’s a security breach or a data leak, it can cost a huge amount to fix. This type of insurance protects you when this type of incident occurs so that it won’t force you to close the business due to the high cost of mitigation. 

Worker’s Compensation Insurance 

This is essential insurance to have if you have any number of employees. It’s also required in California if you have one or more employees. These policies protect your employees by making funds available when they get an injury at work. It also protects your business by making it less vulnerable to lawsuits. It also keeps your company from having to shoulder the cost of medical bills if someone gets an injury or work-related illness on the job.

Premises Liability Insurance 

If your business provides a physical space for customers, you need liability coverage in case someone is injured on-site. It’s always possible for someone to fall and get injured, and your business needs to be ready for it. 

Get Commercial Insurance for Your Business

No matter your business type, you may need certain commercial insurance policies. Call Wai Cheng Insurance Inc. in the Bay Area of California to get started.