Umbrella Insurance in California

With all the things that we need to be insured, it can be hard to remember how much you are insured for any given thing. When it comes to your insurance policies, it's a good idea to review them every so often to make sure that the coverage amounts are enough for today's economic climate. If they aren't, you may need an umbrella insurance policy to keep you covered for more. If you're in California and you want an umbrella policy so that you have enough liability coverage, contact us at Wai Cheng Insurance Agency in Dublin, CA.

Home Insurance Umbrella Supplement

As a homeowner, you need coverage for your home, and the bank likely chose the amount of coverage that you need to maintain. This is often about how much liability coverage you have. If you have the minimum amount required, you may feel confident that you're covered. However, it's likely that your coverage is inadequate for today's needs. That's where umbrella coverage comes in. An umbrella policy raises the amount of liability coverage you have so that you're better protected. Having an umbrella policy gives you a higher maximum payout for liability.

Auto Insurance Umbrella Supplement

Just like your homeowners' insurance, your auto insurance comes with minimum coverages for liability, and too many people simply get insured for that minimum amount. However, today's accidents are increasing costs, and medical bills are higher than ever. It pays to get umbrella coverage to raise the liability coverage you have on your vehicle. An umbrella policy covers liability for both your home and vehicle. Umbrella coverage gives you a higher maximum payment over and above the liability coverage on both those policies.

Call an Insurance Agent

If you aren't sure if you have enough liability coverage, you may need an umbrella insurance policy. Call us and make an appointment with one of our agents in Wai Cheng Insurance Agency in Dublin, CA. We help California home and vehicle owners to get the umbrella liability protection they need.


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