Auto Insurance in California

Get An Auto Insurance Policy In California

No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, having an auto insurance policy is a must. More importantly, it's essential to work with the right agent to ensure you're covered the way you should be. At Wai Cheng Insurance Agency in Dublin, CA, we are helping residents stay protected when they get behind the wheel.

What You Should Know About Auto Insurance

Nearly every state requires that you have car insurance at a minimum level. It protects you should you suffer damage to your vehicle as a result of an accident. More specifically, our agents help design a policy that meets your needs, which can include coverages such as:

  • Liability coverage- bodily injury and property damage
  • Uninsured motorists- protection if you're hit by someone with insufficient coverage
  • Collision insurance- coverage for an accident with another vehicle or object
  • Comprehensive insurance- would insure you for other things not associated with collisions, such as theft, flooding, or fires
  • Medical payments

We will discuss what is important to you regarding auto insurance coverage and make sure you have a full understanding of your policy.

Why You Need Auto Insurance Coverage

Many car owners view auto insurance as something they "have" to do, but it's an important investment you're making for yourself. It is surprising to many individuals how expensive auto repairs or medical payments can be, and this is when having a good insurance policy makes all the difference. We pride ourselves on providing a service that protects your bottom line.

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Make sure you're getting the insurance coverage you need for your vehicle today. We can help cover nearly any make or model and drivers of all ages. Get a personalized estimate from one of our friendly professionals today or make the visit to our office in Dublin, CA.


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