Boat/Watercraft Insurance in California

The state of California does not require you to purchase a boat insurance policy, but you should anyway to protect your personal assets. Without an insurance policy, if you cause an accident or an uninsured individual causes an accident, you must pay out of pocket. That can cost you tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Boat insurance works much like other vehicle insurance. You can create a custom policy with only the cover types you want at Wai Cheng Insurance Agency of Dublin, CA. The typical choices include liability, bodily injury, comprehensive, and collision.

Liability coverage extends to any type of liability you incur. If you cause an accident, it pays the medical costs of those you injured and/or the settlement, attorney fees, court costs if they take you to court. If someone injures themself on your boat or other watercraft, it pays their medical bills.

Bodily injury simply pays the medical costs of those injured in an accident you caused. If a person dies, it may pay their funeral costs.

Collision and comprehensive both cover accidents with no other human involved in the cause. Collision covers accidents you caused by colliding with a tree, fence, parked car, garage door, etc. whether on the water, on the boat ramp, or in the parking lot. It pays for your repairs or the cost of a replacement boat.

Comprehensive covers accidents that did not involve a collision. If lightning strikes your boat or it incurs damage in a wildfire onshore, this coverage pays to fix the damage. Damage by other natural hazards such as a tornado or hurricane is also covered.

Wai Cheng Insurance Agency serving Dublin, CA wants to help you protect your watercraft investment. Contact us today to learn more about protecting yourself and your boat on California waterways.


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