What Your Auto Insurance Needs to Protect You

At Wai Cheng Insurance Inc., we can help Bay Area, CA residents find insurance policies that make sense for their overall needs. For example, when finding a car insurance policy, it is critical to tweak it to include various protection types. These all vary based on your needs and the overall quality of your insurance policy. Just a few that may work well for you include:

  • Liability Protection – Liability coverage will pay to repair any physical damage or personal injury issues your auto accident triggers, including destroyed or damaged vehicles.
  • Health Coverage – If you or someone else gets hurt while you’re driving your car, this coverage type can pay the costs of their health treatment and even their lost wages while they recover.
  • Repair Assistance – Damage to your vehicle will require an auto insurance policy that can protect you from heavy financial investments, including paying to replace expensive parts.
  • Replacement Costs – If your car is damaged to the point where it makes no financial sense to repair it, you can get it replaced by your car insurance up to its current market value.
  • Underinsured Driver Help – Many drivers ride with poor insurance policies that may not cover everything that happens in an accident, and this policy option can ensure that you get help.

Get a Policy Today

If you need a better car insurance policy or want to avoid unnecessary financial burdens, please contact us at Wai Cheng Insurance Inc. to learn more. We serve the Bay Area, CA region and will do what we can to help your auto insurance needs. Reach out to us today to learn more about each of these options and how you can find a policy that feels appropriate for your needs.