Is Home Insurance Required in California?

If you own a home in beautiful sunny California, you may be wondering if home insurance is required. While the state does not require you to have home insurance, your lender or mortgage company may require you to do so. Even if you are not required to have a home insurance policy in place, it’s a great idea to have one anyway for the peace of mind it brings in knowing that one of your largest investments is protected properly. Our agents at Wai Cheng Insurance Inc. serving the Bay Area, CA region are ready to assist you with all of your home insurance needs.

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

You cannot predict the future which means you do not know when a fire will break out at your home or a natural disaster will occur. With the proper amount of home insurance in place, you will know that you can repair or rebuild your house if one of those types of incidents occurs or if someone vandalizes your house or commits theft.

A good home insurance policy will not only cover the structure of your house but any outbuildings, such as privacy fences, garage, or shed, that are on your property as well as your personal belongings. The contents of your home are just as important as the house itself and a home insurance policy will replace your personal belongings, such as clothing and toiletries, furniture, appliances, electronics, and more if it covered event happens.

Keep in mind that most home insurance policies do not cover flooding or earthquakes. If you think you need those types of coverage options, they can be added to your main home insurance policy.

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