Preventing Slip and Falls at Your Business

At Wai Cheng Insurance Inc., we serve Bay Area, CA companies with commercial insurance to fit their needs. We also take pride in helping businesses maintain lower rates by assisting them in managing risks. One of the significant risks businesses face is liability claims from slips and falls.

Here are some tips for preventing slips and falls at your business:

Addressing Known Issues is Key

It is important to note that businesses are more likely to be found liable for injuries sustained in a slip and fall if it can be shown they were aware of the cause of the slip and fall and failed to respond by addressing it promptly. This is why it is critical to fix a potential area of danger when it is noticed.

Have Appropriate Materials to Address Leaks

Make sure you have signage to identify areas that may become temporarily wet. These can include mini-sandwich boards, bright-colored pylons, and caution tape.

Highlight Level Changes

Use yellow paint to identify curbs and step edges. Stripes can help identify ramps. This makes these hazards easier to see for vision-impaired visitors.

Train Staff

Make sure your staff knows the significance of slips and falls, and knows how to address potential issues. They also should note if they also should note whether the fall occurred in a restricted area, if the person was running, or wearing inappropriate footwear.

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to provide a safe environment for visitors and customers. Preventing slips and falls is a good place to start.

Get Insurance Coverage To Protect Your Business

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