What is basic auto insurance and why it may not be the right choice?

You may wonder if you can get away with having the least possible auto insurance. Basic insurance is what is mandated by the state of California. At Wai Cheng Insurance Inc. in Bay Area, CA, we have more than 20 years of experience, and we will work hard to make sure we find the best policy at the best price to meet your needs. 

Auto Insurance: What You Need To Know

Basic insurance in California is liability coverage, and you are required to carry 15/30/5. This means $15,000 for one person injured in an accident and $30,000 for all injuries. Additionally, you must have $5,000 for property damage. It doesn’t take much knowledge to realize this really is very basic. With the average price of a used vehicle at more than $30,000, you can see that $5,000 won’t go very far when it comes to replacing a vehicle. 

If you have a car loan or are leasing a vehicle, you will not be able to have basic insurance. The loan holder or leasing company will require you to have complete coverage, which includes collision, and comprehensive. If you count on your vehicle every day, you may want to protect your vehicle. 

If you have a vehicle that is old and has little value, then basic auto insurance is just fine for you, but if you have a vehicle that you would be hard-pressed to replace financially in the event it was totaled, then having more than basic coverage is a good idea. If you have a considerable amount of assets, a home, savings, etc., you may want to carry more than basic liability coverage to protect those assets from the results of an accident where there are significant injuries and damage. 

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